Tee #7
Tee #7

Tee #7

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This shirt is a representation of giveaway build #7 and all the hands that came together to make it happen.

This collection of Tees will directly support the giveaway builds that we create on the Smpl Builds YouTube Channel. 

Shirt description reads:

"For Giveaway Build #7 Snehiths car was chosen. The Throtl team helped bring this one to life. Huge thanks to the local wrap artist Pedro, VVivid Vinyl, Koi Werks for installing the tires, and the suspension install by Otis. This shirt is the embodiment of the automotive community coming together to put a smile on one enthusiasts face. Wearing this shirt helps create the next winners smile"

100% cotton

Shirts run smaller: we recommend one size up from what you're used to.