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smpl builds Collection

Smpl Builds

Smpl Builds started as a small idea to have some fun working on my cars the driveway that grew into a desire to combine my enjoyment for cars and videography/ film making. Which ultimately led me to YouTube.

The goal of the channel is to motivate/ show that you don't need a lot of money to have fun modifying your car, how to restore headlights/ how to paint a car yourself/ installing street glow and the list goes on.

I have big plans for the growth of this channel and plan to continue to put out entertaining content and all purchases from Smpl Clothing Co help to support me in helping you save money while you turn your car into something you're proud to drive without emptying your wallets. Thank you! <3

Smpl Clothing At It's Roots

We started this brand with the idea in mind to keep the simple things foremost in our lives. Remembering that the small things are what matter the most. 

- Seth CEO Of SMPL Clothing Co.